Spanish Immersion Home School

Our home school is expanding rapidly and gaining more confidence around parents each session. Some of our home school children come from our Spanish Steps Program, others simply join us after the children become five-years-old. Home scholars share the same schedules, seasonal classes and projects with our regular students from Spanish Steps Class. Home scholar’s lesson plans are customized, where pupils work with personalized activities based on children's language skill levels, ages and interests. Children from our home school program are referred to as "older sister/brother." They are integrated with our younger kids, hence creating an environment of cooperation and equality involving a cyclical learning cooperation where older kids learn to interact with the youngest; nurturing and motivating each other. If you are interested in your kid's participation in this program, please contact the teacher/director directly via email or by phone call to register.

Our home school program encourages our children to work on:

  • Leadership, self stem, and hands on learning as well as a reflection about self-/auto-learning.

  • The natural acquisition of Spanish as a second language.

  • Cooperation, empathy, kindness, curiosity.

  • Theme-Based Projects Curriculum)

Spanish Steps  

(Alternative preschool 3 to 5 years old)

The class promotes the development of essential early childhood skills like imagination, self-confidence, motor skills, socialization, separation-adjustment process, and the natural acquisition of the Spanish language. Children are exposed to a variety of daily activities and games that stimulate their natural intelligence and talent. Through the use of language teaching strategies, elaboration of material, and the incorporation of a positive environment among students and teachers, learning Spanish is more efficient, natural, successful and enjoyable for all children. Children must be ready to attend class on their own and be potty trained.

Parents/caregivers are required to be a teachers's helper on various occasions. Please bring a snack and lunch.