About Us

IMG_0785LA Spanish School in Santa Monica, CA is a fun and educational immersion program designed to teach Spanish to children and adults. Our specially crafted lessons are based on proven methods of language acquisition including, Total Physical Response Story Telling (TPRS), Communicative Approach, integrating Multiple Intelligences approaches into the daily activities. L.A. Spanish School operates under as a licensed program with the City of Santa Monica Recreational Classes.

Using the internationally-recognized Total Spanish Immersion Method, implemented by enthusiastic and fun teachers, your children will develop appreciation of Spanish social skills through an exploration of diverse Hispanic/Latino folklore and cultures.  Our experienced educators help students acquire speaking and listening skills naturally in Spanish.

The goal of LA Spanish School is to offer an innovative and refreshing approach to Spanish as a second language for  younger children, one where learning happens naturally and is entertaining and fun-filled.

Description of the classes

Each class is customized, based on the skills of the students. This immersion includes unique and memorable games where children listen and repeat sentences in Spanish. As they start to develop a feel for the “sound “of Spanish, the cadence, the accents, and the typical endings of words, they absorb the Spanish more quickly. This accumulated learning method used in the class mimics children’s natural learning styles. We provide a language–rich play-filled environment that introduces vocabulary within its natural context. Within a few weeks children are able to describe objects in the classroom, people and places. Students will learn how to perform theater works, songs, tell stories and complete dialogues in Spanish.

A brief history about LA Spanish School founder


Diana Flores is a Spanish speaker raised in South America, an innovator in second language development and passionate about encouraging interest in younger children in a wider world through language skills. She holds university degrees in Spanish and Arts from the prestigious Francisco Jose de Caldas University in Bogota, Colombia. She came to the USA in 2005 to expand her education and horizons and has more than eleven years of international experience teaching Spanish. She has taught Spanish at various sites in Southern California – Santa Monica Alternative School House (SMASH), Santa Monica College, Wildwood School, UCLA Lab School, Star Education, Language Door Institute, the Getty Museum – and the Pedagogical English School in Bogota, Colombia.