We celebrate sharing our Total Immersion Program to a diverse community who valor about bilingual education and cultural exchanges. Students do better when school, family, and community work together and involvement is strong.

  • City of Santa Monica Community Garden

LA Spanish School program is very happy to be part of City of the Santa Monica Community Garden. Our program was honored with two bed lots located close to our Euclid facility. Visiting the garden every day brings a lot of benefits to our children; not only in the Spanish language acquisition, but as well as gathering gardening concepts followed by all the math and scientific that go along with it. The kids get motivated to stop by the garden and observe all the seed's growing process. They are so delighted when new seeds start to come out. Some children may not understand or grasp the concept at the very beginning, but gardening is a matter of time and patience, thus the youngsters , after experiencing two different harvests, have started to develop a sense of belonging and responsibility for the garden: for watering, an expecting our next harvest. The children become more aware about the sun light and about the weather and its changes as well as how they have influence on the plant's growing process.​

​​Special Events

Our Spanish school program features cultural activities at least twice per year. Children, parents, teachers, as well as community, celebrate together and share a little of their children’s life in our Spanish School Program. This kind of cultural activities have helped us to promote our program within the community and is a great opportunity to keep everybody in touch. 


  • Spring Festival: Celebrating the end of the school year.

This event takes place each end of the school year. There, all children perform and the kids from Spanish Steps receive their graduations. There always is live music with amazing artists and musicians and Latin food. More over, there are fun movements for everybody to enjoy. 

  • Puppets Show

To celebrate the end of the summer, our staff of teachers prepares a short puppet-show. It is a sign of appreciation towards our students and to say “Thank You” to Moms and Dads for choosing our Spanish School Program.

  • Lanters Night “ Ven a Cantar”

Our children and community get together to celebrate with us the End of the year in a cozy atmosphere filled with candles, fun activities, and children performing singing Spanish songs. Please, note that every child must bring whether a white T-Shirt, white jacket, or a white sweater along. We will gladly forward all activities for this festive moments via email. We do hope you and your child will be able to attend.


  • Dia de los Muertos at Edison Academy School

Our children honor this special latino holyday participating in a very special event with the bilingual Academy Edison school. Our children   participate on a live show as a great  experience that  brings our children a belonging sense of togetherness, as well as getting familiar and conscious how amazing it is growing up and speaking more that on language; in this case Spanish.