Spanish Adventure

​(Afterschool Program 3 to 12 years old)

This class is designed for kids who are just starting to learn Spanish, as well as for the advanced Spanish speakers. Children will explore the language through games, songs, dancing, reading, painting, and more! Children who are new to the Spanish language will be supported by fellow students who have already acquired certain knowledge. Plus, they will learn to gain confidence while being in a new environment, thus learning new language skills such as word structure, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Children who have basic knowledge of the Spanish language will make progress with fluency, reading. Please bring a snack.

Spanish for Explorers

​​(​For T-K, Kinder and home school 3 to 10 years old)

Children will learn Spanish by being exposed to joyful activities that connect vocabulary with real life experiences. Kids who attend this class are children from T-K Programs, preschools and homeschoolers. At each day's class session the children perform different kind of activities which allows them to learn Spanish by repetition, vocabulary in context and meaningful experiences that reinforce their natural skills and the natural language acquisition of Spanish. Each new day session our explorers work together on a specified and well elaborated Theme- Based -Project. 

  • Monday: Cooking and nutrition class. Exploring gastronomic rezipes and preparing healthy meal. All the meals are organic. 
  • Tuesday: Garden and Nature.  Learning about flowers, vegetables and the basic principles to take care of their gardens. 
  • Wednesday: Dance and Movement. Experiencing the joy of Latin rhythms and its diversity . Have Fun  creating cool choreographies.
  • Thursday: Art and Culture. Get messy discovering the colors of Latin Art and its influence in the culture.
  • Friday: Yoga and Story Telling Class. The children are embodying in full by learning different kinds of poses inspired by animals and plants. Furthermore, participation in fun story telling to keep the kids attention and imagination up.

Spanish Club

​(For children who already speak Spanish 3 to 10 years old)

Welcome to our new Spanish Club Classes designed for children who are already familiar with the Spanish language, but who require more training to enhance their speaking, reading and writing skills. Lessons are taught through creative activities such as theater and music, dance and culture, and more! Children are divided by age and skill level. Bring a healthy lunch and drink.

Parents' Night Out

​​(Entertainment class 4 to 10 years old)

Drop your children off three hours of fun activities to keep their imagination up and practicing Spanish. The youngsters will enjoy cooking, dancing, music, live story-telling, magic shows, puppets, exciting games and o late night movie with a snack, as well as, of course, pizza. ! Parents who'd like to volunteer are welcome to stay!.