Spanish for Adults

LA Spanish School in Santa Monica is proud to offer Spanish language classes for adults.  Classes are offered at two levels from Beginner to Intermediate - and are taught by experienced language teachers.  To determine your level, read through our class description below, then click the buttons links  for registration and add the course to your "cart."

Spanish for Beginners

Students will be introduced to the language through stories, songs, dialogues, role-playing and reading. They will learn greetings, present tense, expressions, numbers, and  enough vocabulary that will allow them to understand and communicate simple sentences describing places and people. Focusing on communicative approaches.

Spanish for Intermediate

Students keep increasing their Spanish language knowledge and conversation skills through stories, songs, dialogues, role playing and reading. Students will learn Past Tenses, and Compounds Tenses, expressions, and enough vocabulary that will allow them to understand and participate in conversations telling stories, writing compositions, and gaining confidence when it is time to talk; focusing on communicative approaches.

Mommy, Daddy and Me

You and your child will go on a wonderful and energetic journey as you are immersed in the Spanish language through a developmentally appropriate mix of movement, songs, stories, puppet shows, and more! Parents/caregivers will play an important role in class to encourage their children to follow the activities presented. Sensory materials will be introduced including books, puppets, and food. Parent/caregiver participation is required. 

Spanish for Teens

Teens are invited to experience the richness if the Spanish language through fun activities involving drama, acting, cooking, music, dance, history, art and much more! They will learn Spanish as a Second Language and will focus on vocabulary, acquisitions, pronunciations fun grammar exercises to enrich their vocabulary.